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My journey to letter cutting 1

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

I started doing western calligraphy as a hobby in my native country, Japan, in 1995. I still remember the first day of my calligraphy lessons. I was so fascinated with the lines and letters that were created by the movement of a broad edge nib which is an essential tool of western calligraphy, but very different from the brush techniques of Japanese calligraphy. Half a year after my first calligraphy lesson, I took a workshop which was taught by

a prominent American calligrapher Thomas Ingmire.

I decided to study calligraphy more seriously and started thinking of going to western countries where calligraphy is taught. I took part in various calligraphy lessons before leaving Japan. I enjoyed Mrs Yasuko Suzuki and Mrs Yuim Toyama's lessons very much. After 2 years research and preparation, I moved to England to start BA Calligraphy at the University of Surrey Roehampton (now Roehampton University).

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